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Acupuncture and therapeutic piercings

A therapeutic piercing is a piercing that is used primarily for therapeutic purposes, such as stress reduction, pain relief or sensitivity improvement.
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What is the mechanism of action?

As with acupuncture, piercings can be placed at specific points on the body to stimulate reflex points in a particular area. This can improve the flow of energy within the body, improve certain functions of the body and alleviate pain.


Migraine headaches are a recurring problem for many, and there is a solution. I recommend Helix root puncture as an effective treatment to relieve migraine and many types of headaches (cluster, tension, hypertension, vestibular, frontal sensitivity)
Migraine piercing is based on an ancient Chinese acupuncture master point.
It applies continuous pressure to the vagus nerve, which can help relieve headaches and anxiety.
migrén piercing Pataki Gabi
Shenmen piercing


ShenMen, or soul gate, is one of the most famous points of ear acupuncture. It can have a calming, stress-relieving effect, reduce anxiety, relieve pain, eliminate insomnia, reduce fever and inflammation, relieve joint pain, and stabilize blood sugar levels, relieve coughs, lower blood pressure, alleviate digestive complaints, benefit the kidneys, the endocrine system, and thus be an effective treatment for female endocrine disorders, among many other positive effects.
It is also indicated for addictions of certain origins.
Nogier, who developed auricular acupuncture in Europe, called this point the 'great tonifying point': tonify the yin, thus reducing the state of 'empty fire'.
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This piercing is also a piece of jewellery placed in an acupuncture point.
Jewellery pierced in the right place at the tragus point can help to resist binge eating.
Together with the ShenMen piercing, they can eliminate stress eating!
It can be one of the best and most effective ways to eliminate so-called boredom eating!
It works on the same principle as "traditional" acupuncture, and can therefore help you lose weight.
It's important to know that jewellery is not a substitute for a balanced and healthy diet, exercise is essential for permanent weight loss!
Piercing is not considered a health service, a cure, and is not a medical procedure. It is not a scientifically proven alternative wellness method!
In any case, you should consult your doctor before stopping your medication for the positive effects of piercing.
Étvágycsökknető targus piercing

What next?

An appointment is required before treatment.

The piercings are made in my own salon, in strict compliance with the regulations and hygiene principles. Therefore I ask my dear guests to arrive unattended and on time.
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