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Acupuncture piercings

As with acupuncture, piercings can be placed at specific points on the body to stimulate reflex points in a particular area.
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Therapeutic piercings

Holistic medicine treats the human body as a complex system in which the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual elements are interconnected.
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About me

Holistic medicine

Akupunktúrás piercing berakása

I'm Gabi Pataki

Originally a food engineer, my life has taken a slightly different direction due to a health "emotional conflict" 8 years ago.
My body then decided to start a "biological special programme".
This is when spirituality, Mind Control and REIKI came into my life!


You said about me

  • Anett
    December 2022
    Hi Gabi! Now I can openly say that there is a baby in the tummy. We don't even realize it yet! After 2 years of trying, 2 unsuccessful inseminations and a lot of disappointments, I came to you. After 2 stings and 2 months of nutritional therapy follow up, my hormones were so set that the doctors couldn't do anything about it for the last 2 years. And now I dare to announce that I am now 12 weeks pregnant. I am now on my 5th month of the diet you tracked and we are having a baby.
  • Imre
    December 2022
    Dear Gabi!
    It is still very early to know the feedback, but you should know about it. I had you pierced 2 weeks ago sm due to illness. I don't know how much you remember, I use a rotator cuff and would like to be able to walk with at least a cane or crutches again. In all this time I have put the rotator down and have 2 pieces of elbow crutches to help me walk. I can't believe it. 1 year ago I was unable to stand on my feet like this. It's a miracle. Thank you very much, I'm happy.
  • Andrea
    January 2023
    Hi Gabi!
    About 1 year ago you made me a migraine piercing for which I will be forever grateful because my migraine of 11 years is gone. Since then I have had maybe three headaches but with a little rest and 1-1 painkillers they went away quickly.
  • Nóra
    January 2023
    Hi Gabi! In August you stabbed the "weight loss" pct. I report 11 kg minus! Just with this. This little "thing" is like if I eat more than "he" thinks I should, it starts to hurt, I've had it get inflamed (but it went away in 2 days, of course I was blowing like a champ ) So I'm happy. Thank you very much True financially burdensome because I now need 2 sizes smaller pants The migraine pc is doing his job nicely, since then I've only needed medication 2x.
    Millions of kisses
  • Edit
    September 2022
    Dear Gabi!
    I am so grateful!
    I have waited 2 months since my affirming ShenMen. Unbelievable!!!! My cramps are a thing of the past. I feel much better, I sleep better. And cramp-free or barely cramping
    life has really worked! I could have taken a handful of medication and it would have been horrible. Thanks to ShenMen, I can now get through the day on half a pill!
    Because there are miracles, you are one of them!
    Thank you for everything!
  • Ági
    August 2022
    Hi Gabi, unbelievable but after you put the piercing in two days later after two months I got my period again, my head feels a little bit, it's not bad. My ear is healing slowly. Thank you so much you are a miracle.
  • Heni
    November 2022
    Hi Gabi! As soon as you put the shenmen piercing in, I got my period a few days later, which I hadn't had for 159 days before. Since then it has gone back to normal. Thank you very much. You are the best!
  • Anita
    December 2022
    Dear Gabi, October 31st I was with you with my mom for a migraine piercing, I finally asked for a shenmen they work well, the effect was felt immediately, my headaches have been super weak compared to myself since then, I have taken about 3 medications since you put them in, even though I had to take two or three a day and most of the time it was Flector powder..I am much calmer, I felt it the next day, others noticed it too
    so all in all I am very grateful!! if it stays like this from now on I will be very happy as it was a terrible headache to live with. But maybe it has also improved my shoulder and back pain. thank you very much!!!
Gabi Pataki
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